The Nine Realms in Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

The Nine Realms are a group of worlds connected by the World Tree Yggdrasil. The Nine Realms are not the only realms in the universe, but there are other planets as well.

The Ten Realms in the comics

For a long time it was believed that there were only nine realms connected to the Yggdrasil. However, the tenth one, which Odin had exiled from the other worlds, was recently found and reopened by Thor and Loki.

  • Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves, ruled by Frey.
  • Asgard: Home of the Asgardians, ruled by Odin.
    • Valhalla: Realm of the honored dead which is distinct from but closely connected to Asgard.
    • Realm Below: Home of the insanely-savage Rock Trolls, located beneath Asgard.
  • Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir, the sister race of the Asgardians.
  • Jotunheim: Home of the Frost Giants, ruled by Laufey.
  • Midgard: Home of the Humans. Also called Earth.
  • Nidavellir: Home of the Dwarves, ruled by Eitri.
  • Svartalfheim: Home of the Dark Elves. Also called "The Dark World", it is ruled by Malekith.
  • Realm of the Dead: Hel and Niffleheim are two distinct realms although they are closely related. One of the two always appears on lists or explanations of the realms, but never both. At times, the names are used interchangeably, and the exact division or bounders remains unclear.
    • Hel: Realm of the dead who are neither honored nor dishonored. It is ruled by Hela.
    • Niffleheim: Realm of the dishonored dead. Also called "Mist-Home", it is a land of ice, mist, and cold.
  • Muspelheim: Home of the Fire Demons. Also called Muspel, it is a realm of eternal fire and is ruled by Surtur.
  • Heven: Home of the Angels. A paradisal realm ruled by the Queen of Angels. Heven was cut off from the other nine during a brutal war between it and Asgard. Recently it was reopened by Thor and Loki.

The Nine Realms in the movies


The Realms align during the Convergence.

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